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Tokushima hotel Taimaru kaigetsu

Charm of Tokushima Hotel Taimaru Kaigetsu

Taimaru Kaigetsu of Kaigetsu Group in Naruto, Tokushima Prefecture
In front of the hotel, you can see the ocean of Naruto Strait where you can see Awaji Island and Osaka.


This hotel is named after Tokushima’s famous sea bream.

There is a fish tank in front of the restaurant with fish swimming in it.

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Walking distance to Otsuka Museum of Art

Otsuka Museum of Art is a famous tourist spot in Naruto, Tokushima.
If you come to Tokushima, be sure to check out the museum, which is so vast that some customers spend two days visiting it.

You can even feel the thickness of the paint by touching the works, which are reproductions of famous paintings from around the world on ceramic plates.

Otsuka Museum

Kaiseki cuisine using Tokushima ingredients

Kaiseki cuisine using Tokushima fish (Naruto sea bream) and meat (Awa beef).
Many dishes are served in order, like a Western course meal.

Taimaru Kaigetsu’s Guest Rooms

Western style room with ocean view
Our hotel’s Guest Rooms include Western-style and Japanese-style rooms.
Please select the room of your choice.

We recommend rooms facing the sea where you can enjoy the sea view from the Guest Rooms.



1F Restaurant
There is a restaurant on the first floor of the hotel where you can eat dinner and breakfast.
Enjoy your meal in Japanese-style seating


How to reach our hotel by public transportation

Access from Kansai International Airport

Please come by express bus.
Going by train takes a lot of time.

Tokushima bus timetable

Please get off at the kosoku naruto bus stop.

Access from Osaka city

There is an express bus that takes you from Osaka Station or Namba Station to the Otsuka Museum of Art, which is the closest to our museum.
Please use this option and walk from Otsuka Museum of Art.

It takes about 3 minutes to walk from the Otsuka Museum of Art bus stop to the hotel.

Highway bus timetable

Access from Tokushima City

Please take the train from Tokushima City to Naruto Station.
You can take the hotel shuttle bus from Naruto Station.

Free shuttle bus

A free shuttle bus will take you from the highway bus stop, JR Naruto Station, to our hotel.
Reservations must be made by calling the hotel by the day before the date of use.

Please see the next page for details

Free shuttle bus stop, timetable

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