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The closest hotel to Otsuka Museum of Art. 3 minutes walk. Taimaru Kaigetsu

The Otsuka Museum of Art has over 1,000 paintings on display.
The approximately 3-mile viewing course is so vast that it would take more than an hour just to walk around without looking at the paintings.

One day is not enough to see all the impressive paintings.
Some people watch it for two days.

Many people go from the morning the park opens and spend the entire day viewing it until it closes in the evening.
Although you won’t be able to see everything, you will be able to see must-see exhibits such as Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and the Sistine Chapel.

There are express bus routes to the Otsuka Museum of Art from Osaka Station and Kobe’s main terminal stations.
There is a bus stop in front of the Otsuka Museum of Art, so even international travelers should be able to arrive without any problems.

In order to stay at a hotel from the museum, you will need to use the hotel’s shuttle bus or taxi.
At Taimaru Kaigetsu, you can walk to the hotel, so you don’t have to worry about transportation.

Our free shuttle bus will also take you to a dedicated boat pier for viewing the whirlpools.
Please ask questions at check-in or check the timetable on the hotel’s official website.

Otsuka Museum of Art accommodation plan with admission ticket

Our museum sells a set plan that includes Otsuka Museum of Art admission tickets and accommodation.
It’s cheaper than buying tickets on the day.

Please use all means

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